The Truth About Good Timing

Timing is everything. It plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives. Every day, we control what we can—from sticking to our daily schedules, making business decisions, being on time for a class or for an appointment. Sometimes, we anticipate the best of things we cannot control. Hoping that once we do our part, things will fall into place easier and anything lucky we receive into our lives is a chance brought by good fortune.

This form of luck we all want is the invariable third party that plays a part in our relationships, career, and even the humdrum of our day-to-day. Have you ever stopped to think how much of “good timing” plays a prominent role in your life?

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Let’s paint a picture that might sound a bit familiar…

You’re on your fourth YouTube video in a row, and in every 5 minutes, it repeats the same YouTube ad. No matter how many times these ads have been recycled, you know that you don’t actually need what they tell you you need... But with enough repetition and exposure, it’s grown on you. You later find yourself reconsidering — eventually getting the advertised product for yourself. The value of this particular product hadn’t changed. What did change was the way you perceived it.

The influences of consumer behavior help point out these facts: that people’s minds change, circumstances are malleable, and timing is an illusion. Just like YouTube ads, sometimes, what it takes to find a goldmine is to simply familiarize yourself enough with the right circumstances

Good timing is personal — everyone discovers it differently. But it’s not luck. If we are always waiting for the perfect conditions to get what we think we want, chances are, we might never get it. When it comes to achieving things in life, it’s really about creating the right circumstances for ourselves.

Deciding what the right circumstances might be for you calls for introspection. Ask yourself the following:

    What would “good timing” look like for me right now? What exactly am I hoping for?

    Are my everyday actions a reflection of what I want for myself and in alignment with my hopes and dreams?

    What are some feasible steps I can take in order to attain these things?

    How can I start today?

    What other options can I reconsider?

    What opportunities are currently within my reach?

    What is holding me back from moving forward and taking that step?

We have more control over good timing than we think. It’s important to realize that every moment is the real window for perfect timing. It exists regardless if we decide to work through with what we already have.

The truth is, the more balanced we are in our decisions, the more “good timing” we’ll encounter. It’s subtle and should happen organically.

When you are truly ready for something, it will come and you might not even realize it.

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