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No doubt WordPress is the most recognized Content Management System out there. User-friendly and powerful, it's the preferred choice for many small and medium sized businesses.

This is the beauty of CMS - it helps you manage your important site content more effectively. It's ideal for clients who need total control over their website, after it's up and running.

Here at Integral Web Designs, we build fully-customized WordPress websites with an elegant design and advanced functionality that are compatible with all screens.

We can convert your existing website into WordPress CMS, redesign it or build a brand new one from scratch. By leveraging WordPress' features, we ensure that our clients can easily add, edit, update and manage their content.

Why WordPress is a great solution for your brand

It makes managing your site easy

WordPress is considered as one of the easiest CMS platforms to use, allowing you to effectively manage and update your site. This gives you the freedom to focus on the content of your website rather than it's technical part.

After your site is deployed, we will provide training on how to use the CMS system so you can take control over the content while at the same time the website core and technical systems are being protected.

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Fully customizable

Building on WordPress allows you to choose between a wide range of useful plugins and modifications that will increase the functionality of your website. We'll incorporate them for you to enhance the outlook of your website without any bugs and glitches. Each page or plugin we add will be done in collaboration with you to fit your brand and its goals. We'll give you tips about best practices for a successful online presence.

One website for every device

Mobile phones and tablets are responsible for more than 55% of global internet usage. It's important for your website to display on all devices by automatically adapting to the screen, giving the user the same experience, whether they're on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The websites we build have a fully-responsive design with smooth navigation between the pages and HTML elements that are scaled appropriately, maximizing whatever screen size the user has.

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Better ranking and marketing

All the websites we build are SEO-friendly.

We use tool elements like tags, subheadings, meta descriptions, and others to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website, so that you're one step closer towards your business' success. A big impact on SEO is the permalink structure of your website - it basically defines what format your page and post URLs will take. We make sure your website has the right URL structure and each link contains the focus key-phrase, depending on the specificity of your brand.

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