Monthly website packages starting at $78.
No setup fees. No minimum contract.
One-stop pay monthly web design solution.

Our monthly website packages come with a custom designed website, free web hosting and domain, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Need a boost in your SEO rankings in Google? We have a package that includes a keyword-optimized post each month.

With our worry-free pay monthly web design packages, you can cancel anytime without any extra fees or hassles. No upfront costs and no long-term commitment.

Integral Web Designs will handle all the technical aspects of your website, freeing up your time to focus on the success of your business.

How your business can benefit from our monthly website packages

As a business owner, you don't have to worry about a thing with our website design package - no domain registration or configuration, no hosting websites to deal with and servers to provision, and no need to learn new tools or how to update and maintain your website. We'll take care of all the technical stuff for you, so you can concentrate on your brand and business. Plus, we'll keep you in the loop with regular updates.

This saves you both time and money - our monthly website package is a great way to save on a large up-front investment of a X thousand dollars for a new website. By dividing the cost into small increments, you can ensure your cash flow stays at a maximum and still have a professional and robust website solution for your business at an affordable rate. Our packages are perfect for businesses that are constantly growing.

monthly website packages

What exactly is included in the monthly website packages

Our monthly web design plans provide all the necessary micro-services and tools to keep your site secure, up-to-date, and fully functional. We know good communication is key, so we will always keep you updated throughout the web development process and the subsequent maintenance.

Custom-made Design

The website design will be tailored to your industry and niche to perfectly align with your business goals.

Content Updates

Whether you want to add new images, change the text, or promote a special offer on your site, we'll do it for you.

Website Hosting

Ultra fast web hosting included with a SSL certificate installed to secure your site and your visitors.

Domain Name Registration

Free domain included. You don't have to worry about domain renewal or DNS configuration - we take care of that.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website secure, updating plugins and core, and making sure it's free from errors and bugs.

Reliable Customer Service

Any technical issues, questions or concerns you may have will be handled in no time.

High Speed Core Web Vitals

You’ll get a high-performing website with quick load times for better user experience and higher Google rankings.

Mobile Responsive

Your website will automatically adjust to any device or screen size for the most optimal user experience.

Monthly website packages we offer

Our website monthly packages are perfect for small to medium sized businesses of all types and budgets. If you are not sure which package is the best fit for your brand, Integral Web Designs is here to help. We'll start by discussing your website business goals, and then we'll suggest the best monthly web design plan to ensure you have a professional and reliable website every month.



  • Custom-built website (up to 5 pages)
  • Free web hosting included
  • Free domain included
  • Monthly content updates (30 minutes)
  • Monthly website maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • No upfront costs or contracts
  • Design revisions (2)
  • No monthly SEO writing (1000+ word post)
  • No keyword research and optimization



  • Custom-built website (up to 10 pages)
  • Free web hosting included
  • Free domain included
  • Monthly content updates (90 minutes)
  • Monthly website maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • No upfront costs or contracts
  • Design revisions (4)
  • No monthly SEO writing (1000+ word post)
  • No keyword research and optimization

Premium with blogging


  • Custom-built website (up to 16 pages)
  • Free web hosting included
  • Free domain included
  • Monthly content updates (unlimited)
  • Monthly website maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • No upfront costs or contracts
  • Design revisions (unlimited)
  • Monthly SEO writing (1000+ word post)
  • Keyword research and optimization

If you need more pages or additional features beyond what is already included in your monthly website package (such as ecommerce functionality, booking integration, social media integration, CRM setup or others), we would be happy to provide you with custom pricing based on the scope of work, number of extra pages, and time involved.

What makes our pay monthly web design packages the perfect choice for you

1. Fully managed pay monthly website that saves you time

Every website we develop comes fully managed - we handle all technical updates, security measures, performance optimizations, hosting responsibilities, server provisions and content changes for you.

With our web design monthly packages, you can delegate the time-consuming tasks of website maintenance, management, and updates and security and content creation to our team, freeing up your own time to focus on the growth and development of your business. This can be especially valuable for small business owners who may have limited time and resources to devote to their newly built website, as it allows them to streamline their workload and optimize their time.

Instead of spending hours learning new tools and frameworks, you can rely on our team of experts to handle the technical details of website management, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

pay monthly web design
pay monthly website packages

2. Save money with a website design monthly plan

Rather than incurring a large upfront cost for a traditional website design service, your business can spread the cost out over a period of time, increasing affordability and improving cash flow. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or startups looking to establish an online presence without breaking the bank.

On top of that, your business can also save on long-term costs associated with website maintenance, management, updates, support, website hosting and content writing. With a pay monthly web design plan, you can access the same high-quality service without the burden of a large upfront investment.

3. Higher ranking on search engines

Our premium monthly web design plan includes SEO-optimized blog writing by our team on a relevant topic for your business, targeting a keyword that you can rank for.

We will conduct keyword research and provide you with multiple suggestions for article topics for your approval before starting the writing process. Once the article is done, we'll post it on your website.

The pay monthly web design plan also includes keyword research and implementation, including off-page optimization of your website's main pages (home, about, services pages). We adhere to the latest SEO standards to maximize your website's chances of ranking high in search engine results.

pay monthly web design packages
pay monthly website design packages

4. Security for your online assets

Website security is a critical concern for businesses. Each day, countless websites are hacked, resulting in significant losses. By choosing our affordable monthly web design packages, you can be confident that the security of your website is a top priority for us.

In order to keep your website fully updated and protected, Integral Web Designs follows the latest security standards during the design, development, and maintenance and support process.

5. No minimum contract, no upfront costs, no risk.

No upfront cost website for your startup - we understand that starting businesses have limited budget so that’s why all of our pay monthly website packages come with no upfront cost. Our team has discovered the perfect formula for a successful web design monthly subscription for small businesses:

No upfront costs + No contracts + Transparent pricing + Ability to cancel anytime = No risk for you and your brand

6. Reliable web hosting

The hosting server your no upfront cost website lives on is blazing fast with reliable uptimes, ensuring that your website runs effectively and customers can access it anytime.

How to get started with a pay monthly web design plan

1. Choose one of our affordable monthly website packages

Let us know which package you choose by submitting this form.

2. Fill out the project questionnaire

After we receive your inquiry, we’ll send you a questionnaire where you’ll provide information about your business and industry, website goals, design and colour preferences and others.

3. Make a payment

After reviewing the information you provided, we will verify that the monthly web design package you selected fits your project requirements. Once confirmed, we will send you an invoice for the initial monthly payment. Should there be something extra to consider that goes beyond the package you selected, we will contact you to discuss the matter and possibly adjust the monthly plan fee if necessary.

4. Design and Development

We’ll start designing and building your website from scratch. This is the step where you can request for revisions on the design. Keep in mind that once the website is launched no changes can be made to the design.

5. Launch and ongoing maintenance

Congratulations! Your shiny new website is now up and running.

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If you are interested in a web design option that doesn't involve making monthly payments and offers an affordable one-time fee, we highly recommend exploring our affordable website design packages by hitting the link below.

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