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The custom web applications our team builds are engineered to fully support a particular business process and target specific audiences. It's a great choice for companies of any size that want to streamline their workflow.

What is custom application development and why do you need it for your business?

It is the building of a web application that is designed to address specific needs as opposed to a more traditional, mainstream app. It is tailor-made for your business so that the same doesn't need to change and adapt to fit a pre-developed web app product. Key benefits are - increased security from external threats and protection of data, superior performance, reduced latency due to a better optimization and enhanced reliability and scalability.

Developing custom apps is a complex process, so we stay at the top of our game by using the latest cutting-edge technologies that give us the freedom to build high-performing and well-secured products. All our websites are optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

The Stack We Use:


HTML is the backbone of the Web and CSS is what controls the looks and design of the pages. By using the latest HTML5 and CSS3, we ensure our websites are well optimized and no matter how high the traffic is, they perform flawlessly on multiple platforms. A well designed website will be able to rank higher in the search engines.


Vue.js is a modern, versatile and robust JavaScript framework, capable of powering complex single-page applications (SPA) as well as small components on large websites. It's flexibility allows you to easily integrate it into other projects built on JavaScript or use it for developing brand new custom apps.


Laravel is a very powerful open-source modern back-end web application framework, built on PHP, that provides you with the needed stability, security and scalability, required for your business' growth. Being one of the best PHP frameworks out there, Laravel covers it all - from a small web application to a major corporate project, it ensures your website is stable and highly-secure.

Security, performance and scalability

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn't fit the intricacies of your project, we can develop your custom website using our Laravel Application Development services. Our team is trained in using Laravel to meet clients’ specific business needs.

Every fraction of a second of latency can drop the traffic to your site by a significant percentage. We leverage Laravel's tools such as cache drivers, SQL request optimization, source code optimization and others, in order to make your application high-performing and fast. If you need an outside of the box solution that meets your unique business goals, then Integral Web Designs can build that for you by utilizing the power of Laravel framework.

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Built for speed

Web apps built on Vue load faster, use less bandwidth and normally have higher performance than equivalent applications built in other frameworks, due to the framework's small size.

Coupled with a Laravel-based API, it's our go to choice for building sophisticated SPAs that provide the user with an impeccable experience while navigating through the application. It can also be integrated into an existing web app to power the front-end of your website. Regardless of the type of project, our team will ensure your application is fully-optimized for performance, security and scalability.

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