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Here’s what it’s like to build a project with us:


First we listen to gain a complete understanding of your brand and the underlying business value, so we can define the scope of your project. We'll need your inputs about your business, your goals, and your vision.

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After properly assessing your business requirements, we'll send you a tailor-made proposal outlining the goals of your project and exactly what you will receive should we work together. This will include the budget, timeline, number of pages, menu structure, special features and design revisions. Should you accept the proposal and terms, your project will be officially included into our schedule.

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We will collaborate with you to structure the content architecture of the website. It is the client's responsibility to provide us with the content. In case you need assistance with creating such, we can refer you to some trusted content creators who can help you with your writing needs.

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Then we'll start designing the homepage of the website to properly reflect your brand's objectives. We'll send you a mockup and you'll have the opportunity to request for revisions so we can achieve the desired design. The design of the inner pages will follow. Throughout the entire process we like to keep in close touch with our clients by sending regular email updates and we always ask for feedback.

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We'll develop the designs created so far into functional prototypes, which will be ready to be populated with all of its content and imagery. The SEO implementation takes place here too.

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Test, Optimize, Launch

We will test your website across different devices and browsers to ensure that is bugfree and everything is functioning and displaying properly. Once the website is finalized and polished, we'll launch the final version. You'll be provided with tips and instructions on how to update, edit and add content to your website without needing to know code. We also provide ongoing support.

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