5 Reasons Why Your Pet Dog Needs Their Own Website!

One of the most interesting requests we had recently, here at Integral Web Designs, were to create a personal website or memoriam website for a customer’s pet, specifically a website dedicated to your dog. Yes, you read that right, personal website for a dog!

Here are 5 reasons your pet dog needs their own dog website are:

1. Do it for your relatives

Many people still don’t use social media. So, if your relatives are among those people, having a personal dog website is a great way to keep them updated on what Bailey is up to. You can post pictures and videos of your dog tearing up the couch, and they can check in whenever they want to see what their little friend has been up to.

2. If he’s an actor

If your dog is an aspiring actor, a personal website for dog is a great way to showcase his portfolio and present it to Hollywood agents. They can see all of his best work and talents in one place, and you can keep it updated with new videos and photos as he lands new roles.

3. If he’s an exotic breed

If your dog is an exotic breed, you can use their dog website to share interesting information about the breed with the world. You can post photos and videos of your dog, as well as articles and blog posts about the breed. You can share how your dog behaves in certain situations and other users reading your content can relate and comment by sharing their experience with their dog. Overall, it’s a great way to educate people about exotic breeds and help them learn more about your little best friend.

4. If your dog has passed away

If your dog has passed away, you can use their personal dog website to create an online memorial in their honour. This is a good way to keep their memory alive and share their life story with the world. You can post photos and videos about your dog, and even create a guestbook for people to sign. It’s always nice to share the joy and memories of your furry friend with the world.

5. If your dog has webbed feet

All dogs begin life with webbed feet but lose this as they grow. Some dogs retain their webbed feet - not everyone knows that webbed feet in dogs is actually a thing, so you can use your personalized dog website to educate people about them. There are also not too many owners out there with webbed feet dogs, so a personal website for your dog is a great way to connect with them. You can share tips and advice, exchange stories, and just generally support each other. After all, your webbed feet dog is one-of-a-kind, and having its own online presence or even build an online community is a great way to show off his unique features to the world. One thing that is especially interesting about every webbed feet dog is that they are amazing swimmers! Michael Phelps ain't got nothing on Fido!

Our team at Integral Web Designs are real dogophiles and we’re excited to work with you and build a website for your dog! Get in touch us here.

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